About the Association

The association was established on July 1, 2014 and incorporated on July 29, 2015. The official name of association is the Association for Information Destruction Business of Japan, Inc. The purpose of association is to contribute to forming a healthy data destruction market in Japan. An important tool for achieving this purpose is the Certification Program which was introduced on July 1, 2019. Third-Party Inspection Organization designed by the association inspects applicants for the certification The Certificate is given to applicants who pass compliance certification inspection standards.

As of June 30, 2024, the number of membership of the association is 88 which consist of 6 Certified Regular Member, 69 Regular Members, 14 Supporting Members and 5 General Members.

Board Members


1 Management of the Certification Program and issuance of Certificate
2 Planning and implementing the training program for member companies
3 Planning and holding the date destruction seminar for member and non-member companies
4 Collecting information about secured data management and destruction, and providing it for member companies
5 Survey and research on secured data destruction
6 Information exchange with overseas organizations about secured data management and destruction
7 Other activities necessary to fulfill a purpose of the association


2-9-14, Hatsudai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0061 Japan
Phone 81-3-6276-1992
Email jimukyoku@kjmjk.com

Members list